H&M New Icons Capsule Collection

4 Muses, 4 inspirations. Welcome to the “New Icons” Capsule Collection from H&M, the latest project from the Swedish giant based on the wardrobes of Daphne Groeneveld, Joan Smalls, Lindsey Wixson and Liu Wen; four of the hottest contemporary models.


With 4 different styles and personalities, every single item of the collection has the personal touch and reflection of its own muse: from ethnic necklaces à la Daphne Groeneveld, jackets remiscent to those worn by Liu Wen, bohemian looks with long skirts like Lindsey Wixson and androgynous pieces with feminine and masculine sophistication that plays a big role on Joan Smalls style.

And contrary to popular belief, not everything will be for girls only; treats for guys will be available also. The collection will hit H&M stores worldwide in April 2013.

Written by Engel Carbajal